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Juanita has assisted with conflict in a positive and healthy way. She is trained and certified by the State Supreme Court of Oklahoma. For more than ten years, she has promoted the principles and practices of conflict resolution and dispute mediation as a successful way to resolve disagreements.


She has extensive experience in dispute mediation and conflict resolution for non-profit, as well as for-profit organizations. She has experience in community service techniques directed toward assisting those in need and specializing in faith-based racial and ethical conflicts.


> Civil Cases Panel Mediator for 9th Circuit District Court of Kalamazoo, Michigan (selected as the only non-lawyer mediator)Photo of Juanita Holley during the mediation process

> Lectured on mediation for the Synod of the Covenant

> Lead Mediator for many settled small claims cases in the Oklahoma County District Courts

> Owner of Peace Inc., a dispute mediation and conflict resolution service

> Mediator/Instructor for Lake Michigan Presbytery and Great Lakes Synod congregational conflicts.

> Experienced trainer for Clergy, Elders, Deacons, Sessions, Board of Elders, and congregational members facing disputes in a Christian, religious, and spiritual environment

> Trained in BARJ (Balanced And Restorative Justice) Community Conferencing by Gryphon Place Dispute Mediation Office


> Cultural, ethnic, and racial

> Church community

> Co-Workers

> Neighborhood

> Employee and employer

> Students

> Tenants and landlords

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