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> Personal knowledge and extensive experience in teaching, leadership skills, political and community organizing, policy and program development, professional networking, fundraising, and public relations.

> Extensive experience in dispute mediation and conflict resolution for non-profit, as well as for-profit organizations. Experienced in community service techniques directed toward assisting those in need. I specialize in faith-based racial and ethical conflicts.

> I bring high energy, progressive thinking, and experience in written, oral, and interpersonal communication tools.


Consultant for Justice Ministries with the Presbytery of Chicago (currently)

Democratic Party (in Oklahoma, Michigan, and DuPage County, Illinois)

> Presently, precinct Committeeman in Winfield Township, Illinois

> Worked part-time with the DuPage County Election Commission in 2008

> Kalamazoo County Democratic Party Executive Committee member

> Candidate for Kalamazoo City Commission

> National Credentials Committee Member


> Fundraiser, Oklahoma County Democratic Party

> Delegate to National Democratic Convention

Executive Director, 60th District Service Office
Legislative Assistant, Michigan State House of Representatives
Representative Robert B. Jones, 2006-2008
Representative Alexander Lipsey, 2002-2006

Juanita with Representative Alexaander Lipsey> Campaign Manager and fundraiser for State Representative Lipsey in 60th Legislative District

> Executive Director for 60th Legislative District

> Found long-term solutions to citizens in the community suffering from homelessness, hunger, unemployment, mental or emotional wounds, loneliness, and social rejection.

> Served as a resource and advisor to business owners, homeowners, healthcare givers, teachers, senior citizens, corporations, non-profit organizations, and others as they faced daily emergencies.

> Collaborated with many social service, civic, state/federal, and political agencies seeking to serve citizens living on the margins of our society.

Hunger, Peace and Justice Action Enabler (part-time)
Lake Michigan Presbytery, Kalamazoo, Michigan

> Worked and assisted in educating clergy and congregational members (74 churches) in the Lake Michigan Presbytery in areas such as peace movements, hunger relief, anti-racism, anti-discrimination, and social justice.

> Researched ways by which faith-based institutions can comfortably embrace a culturally and racially diverse worshipping community.

Juanita with Senator Sander Levin > Seek out paths by which congregations can explore the many untapped fields of mission, service, and stewardship.

Kalamazoo Public Schools
Substitute Educator (part-time)

> Developed innovative, results-driven lesson plans geared to the comprehension level of the elementary student. I have prepared, administered, and graded exams in all subjects.

> With extremely short notice, established relationships, reprimanded, counseled, and nurtured (some at-risk) students.

> Administered rules, procedures, and policies for over 18 elementary schools during the 2001-2002 school year.

Texas Commission for the Blind
Administrative Assistant

> Assisted in the screening, training, and orientation of 18 visually impaired individuals to become independent and successful business owners through the Business Enterprises Program (BEP).

> Worked closely with BEP owners as they faced daily personnel and accounting problems, equipment purchases and repairs, and extensive inventory supply needs and deadlines.

> Balanced extensive monthly-computerized financial reports for each business owner using Excel software and balanced monthly reports with State Commission accounting department.

> Implemented a monthly regional newsletter geared to the blind community and affiliated agencies. Learned to use the latest technology designed exclusively for communicating with the visually impaired.

Supreme Court of Oklahoma, Judicial Nominating Commission
Executive Assistant
1987-1997Juanita with former Kalamazoo Mayor Robert Jones

> Made executive decisions required to fill judicial vacancies in the areas of advertising, screening, background investigating, interviewing, and the nomination of judges and attorneys to the Governor of Oklahoma. As an Administrative Officer of the Court, I was assigned to work exclusively with the Oklahoma Judicial Nominating Commission and insured that all administrative matters were conducted in a timely and efficient manner.

> Implemented sophisticated organizational, administrative, and confidential procedures needed to staff 13 nominating commissioners appointed by the Governor and the Oklahoma Bar Association. Responsible for communicating and educating the public, applicants, legislators, justices, and judges on laws, policies, and procedures concerning the state's judicial appointment process.

> Acquired extensive knowledge and experience in meeting deadlines, coordinating with other state agencies, all branches of government. Also, successfully planned and hosted large events, meetings, and workshops.


> Graduated from Oklahoma City University with BS in Political Science

> Minored in Business Administration

> Certified Mediator in Conflict Resolution through the Supreme Court of Oklahoma

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